Our Team

Dr. Chris Sharrock
Director of Rehabilitation

Dr. Sharrock received his Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown College in Exercise Science and his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Sharrock specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine with a special interest in spinal manipulation, dry needling, SFMA/FMS, concussion management, ACL rehab and prevention, and complex shoulder and knee conditions. In addition, Dr. Sharrock is the only Board Certified Sports Specialist in the central Kentucky region. He is the owner of Rock Sports Performance and has trained athletes of all ages, abilities, and sports. Dr. Sharrock has published research internationally, serves on the Kentucky NSCA state board, and is the Kentucky representative for the Sports Physical Therapy Section of the APTA.

Jayne M. Allen, M.S.CCC/SLP

Jayne M. Allen, M.S.CCC/SLP earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from the University of Kentucky and a Master of Science degree in Allied Health-Communication Disorders from the University of Kentucky. Ms. Allen has 24 years experience providing diagnostic and treatment services for a diverse population of infants, children and adults with varying degrees of severity of communication and cognitive disorders resulting from CVA, traumatic brain injury, developmental delays, hearing impairments, laryngectomy, degenerative diseases, natural aging process and various syndromes, including Autism, Down's, CHARGE, Aspergers, Kabuki, Angelman, Fragile X, Cri-du-Chat, Prader-Willi, Beckwith-Wiedemanns, Fetal Alcohol, etc). She assesses and treats aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, alaryngeal speech, cognitive.-linguistic deficits, articulation and phonological disorders, disfluency and language disorders. In addition, Ms. Allen assesses and treats dysphagia (feeding/swallowing difficulties) related to oral sensory defensiveness, oral motor weakness, structural anomalies, natural aging process and neurological deficits. She holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence and is a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association. She is licensed by the Kentucky Board of Audiology and Speech Pathology. She has served as board member of the Kentucky Head Injury Association and a committee member of the Monitoring Advisory Committee (MAC-KDEC). Ms. Allen is owner and director of Allen-Clark Speech/Language Rehabilitative Services, Inc.